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U-Tumbr is a new project that retraces through a reinterpretation of traditional bread stamps in a modern key with the use of innovative materials such as acrylic stone (solid surface) and strictly native wood. The combination of the two materials enhances the object itself making it unique and design. All this accompanied by a "tag" that allows you to know the story and see some multimedia content through the use of a latest generation smartphone with which it is enough to bring it close to the stamp to discover the contents ...


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This kit was designed for the G20 event to be held in Matera this year. The kit consists of: a bread stamp, a book, a bookmark, all contained in a box, accompanied by a fabric shopping bag.


Matera, the city of stones, is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has a lot of history behind it ... An interesting story to tell is precisely that of the stamp of the bread: Once the bread was branded with the initials of the head of the family so that they would not be confused with those of other families, since the consistency of the dough and the size were different and each wanted to be sure that their own bread was not exchanged for that of others.

This year the city of stones will be the seat of the G20 Foreign-Development meetings, the summit of heads of state and government.
One of the gadgets chosen for this event is the "U-Tumbr" stamp.


City of stones